Wheels of the Past - Antique Bicycle Museum
Thank you for visiting Wheels of the Past.

We are a private museum open to people or groups with an interest in antique bicycles.  If you are interested in a tour, please contact us at the phone number or e-mail address below for an appointment.

Our mission is to preserve, display and ride antique, vintage and classic bicycles from the 1880's through the 1980's and educate people interested  in bicycle history.
We have been collecting bicycles for over 35 years and currently have over 70 bicycles on display in 4 rooms.  Most of the bicycles are in original condition, with a few that have been restored. We also have two Columbia Sting-ray type bicycles that are just out of the original box for the first time in over 40 years!
Besides the normal chain drive bicycles, at Wheels of the Past we also have on display, belt drive, shaft drive, direct drive (pedals on the front axle), foot power and 2 Irish Mails that are hand powered and steered by foot.  We have one bike that steers from 2 sets of handlebars and another where both front and rear wheels steer. We even have a Beatles Yellow Submarine Bicycle.

In addition to bicycles, we also have gumball machines, a 1943 Oliver 60 Tractor and several other objects of interest. 

We suggest that you visit the Bicycle Slide Show and our Short Tour of the Museum.  If you would like a more detailed tour, visit the Long Tour of the Museum.  Pictures of nearly all of the bicycles can be seen on the Current Display by Year or Current Display by Brand pages by clicking on the (Picture) note for each bicycle.

Wheels of the Past - Display Room #1

Wheels of the Past - Display #1

Wheels of the Past - 1966 Sears Spaceliner

Wheels of the Past - 1975 Swing Bike

Wheels of the Past - 1898 Stearns Chainless

Wheels of the Past - 1892 Iver Johnson

Wheels of the Past - 1891 New Mail Light Roadster
1980 BTCA w/ VACO Automatic Tramsmission

Wheels of the Past - Display Room #3

Wheels of the Past - Display Room #4

Wheels of the Past - 1973 Columbia 3 Speed Stick Shift

Wheels of the Past - 1888 Columbia Volunteer

Wheels of the Past - 1905 Ridgeland

Wheels of the Past - 1896 Columbia Model 43
Wheels of the Past - 1893 Cleveland No. 9

1980 BTCA w/ VACO Automatic Transmission in Rear Hub

We our located Just off of
Highway 20 (the Historic Ukiah-Tahoe Highway)
in Clearlake Oaks, CA 95423
(707) 486-2717
Hours are by appointment only
Admission is free
Check back often, as we are always adding new bicycles to the museum. We hope that you enjoy the pictures and videos.

Mike and Candi Herman

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