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Current Bicycle Display by Year

The following Antique, Vintage, Classic and Modern Era bicycles are on display at Wheels of the Past.

ANTIQUE 1880's - 1910's:

1888 Columbia Volunteer 

         52" front tire, 18" rear tire. From the late David Metz Museum

1889 Victor by Overman Wheel Co.

         54" front tire, 18" rear tire. From the Walter P Branche Collection. 

1891 New Mail Hard Tire Safety 

         30" hard tires. One of only 8 known to exist

1892 Iver Johnson (ladies)

         28" tires, found in a barn by Walter Branche after over 100 years in the rafters!

         This is the only know existing 1892 ladies Iver Johnson.

1892-1893 Featherstone Road Queen 

         26" tires, wood rims. This is the oldest known existing Featherstone.

1893 Cleveland No. 9 by H. A. Lozier

         28" tires. This is the only known existing Cleveland No 9.

1896 Columbia Model 43 Tandem (double men’s) 

         28” tires, wooden rims and steers from front or rear. Cost new was $150

1898 Stearns Chainless (men’s shaft drive) 

         28” tires, wooden rims and handlebars

1905 Ridgeland (men’s) 

         28” tires, wooden rims, all original condition including pin stripping

1906 New Hudson (from Harrah’s Collection) 

         28” tires, steel rims, and uses brake rods, not cables.

         New Hudson also made motorcycles from 1903 until the 1930's

1906-1910 Reading Standard 

         28' tires

1895-1915 Greens Silens Messor 

        not a bicycle, guess what it is, or look at the picture

1916 Rex 

        28" tires, originally sold at Burgess Cycle Shop in Salina, KS

VINTAGE 1920's - 1930's:

1920's Colson Silver Ring (boys) 

        20” tires, metal clad wooden rims

1929 Make Unknown Girls (blue) 

        26” tires, metal clad wooden rims

1929 Greyhound (boys) 

        28” tires, metal clad wooden rims

1929 American Flyer (boys) 

        Donated by Bob Rollins - 28” steel rims. This bike is an un-restored “barn find”

        28" tires, steel rims

1929 Columbia Jr Roadster 

        28" tires. wood rims

1930 Kiddie Kar by HC White Co. 

        All original, mostly wood construction

1930 American Flyer (girls) 

        Has original paint and seat, but incorrect wheels

1930's Chief "Scooting Star" Scooter 

        Original paint

1930's Miyata (women’s) 

        28" tires, steel rims. All original, has shirt guard on rear wheel

1936-1938 Elgin Oriole (girl's) 

        26” tires, has skirt guard on rear wheel

1936 Monark Silver King M1(boys) 

        24" tires, aluminum frame

1936 Sky King Princess Tricycle (reproduction)

        Donated by Dave Carroll

1937 Flying Star by Schwinn 

        26" tires, original condition one owner bicycle with wooden pedals

1939 Columbia Special 

        26" tires, may have wrong sprocket and chain

CLASSIC 1940's - 1950's:

1940's Mercury Tricycle (chain drive) 

        16" front tire, 14" rear tires. Original condition

1940's Colson Tricycle (chain drive) 

        20" front tire, 16" rear tires

1940's Irish Mail (3 wheels) 

        Hand powered and steers by foot, wood seat

1940's Torco Scooter (4 wheels) 

        Original condition, all 4 wheels steer

1940's Make Unknown (childs hard tire bicycle) 

        Donated by Bob Rollins. 14" tires

1942 Dayton (boys) 

        26" tires, no chrome, blacked-out model

1945 Road Puppy (folding bicycle) 

        Original condition.

        Based on the low serial number, this is believed to be an early Road Puppy

1945 Columbia Compax Traveler (folding Military frame) 

        Built from 1940-1954. 26" tires

1947 Hawthorne (boys) 

        Donated by Art & Bob Rollins - 26" tires, first bicycle in the collection

1948 Columbia Compax Traveler (folding bicycle) 

        Built from 1940-1954. 26" tires

1948 Mi Cycle (yellow childs belt drive bicycle) 

        "S" shaped frame. 10" tires

1948 M&H Special (boys/girls) 

        Original condition - 26" tires

1949 Monark Super Deluxe (boys) 

        26" tires, original condition

Late 1940's Roadmaster 

        26" tires

1951 Goodyear (boys)

        26" tires - mostly original condition

1951-1952 Indian Scout 

        26" tires

1952 Dunelt (3 Speed)  

        26" tires, original condition

1953 Schwinn Hornet Model D-69 

        26" tires, original condition

1958 JC Higgins Color-Flow 

        26" tires, original condition

1950's Rollfast (girls) 

        26" wheels, original condition

1950's Windt (childs bicycle) 

        12.5" tires

1950's Stepke Vero ABC Scooter (3 wheels) 

        Nearly all wood construction

1950's Gym-Dandy Racer (3 wheels) 

        Hand powered and steers by foot

Late 1950's Western Flyer

        26" tires

MODERN ERA 1960's - 1980's:

1960's Rollfast Child's Tandem 

        20" tires, original condition

1960's Keno (3 Speed) 

        26" tires, original condition

1960's Royal Sports Lightweight (3 Speed)

        26" tires, original condition

1962 Columbia "Twosume" Tandem 

        26" tires

1964 Schwinn Cycle Truck (small basket) 

        20" front tire, 26" rear tire. Built from 1939-1967

1964 Unicycle 

        Original condition

1964-65 Sears Spaceliner, Deluxe Model (girls) 

        26" tires, missing tank, original condition

1965 Murray Missile (boys) 

        26" tires, original condition

1966 Sears Spaceliner  

        Deluxe Model, 26" tires 2 speed kickback hub, original condition

1967 Huffy Camaro 

        24" tires

1968 Columbia Play Bike (girls)

        Just out of the original box, 20" tires, like new

1970's Super Deluxe (folding bicycle)

1970's Raleigh (3 Speed) 

        Donated by Bob Rollins - 26" tires, original condition

1971-1975 Boneshaker (Reproduction High Wheeler) 

        38" front tire, 16" rear tire

1972 BSA (3 Speed) 

        26" tires, original condition

1973 Columbia 3 Speed Stick (boys) 

        Just out of the original box, 20" tires, like new

1974 Sanki (10 Speed) 

        27" tires, original condition

1974 Schwinn Continental (10 Speed) 

        27" tires, original condition

1975 Murray (10 Speed)  

        24" tires, original condition.

1980 BTCA with VACO Automatic Transmission 

        27" wheels. BTCA Bicycles were made from 1980 until 1983 This is #015

1982 HEDAN Sociable Prototype 

        Prototype #2 of only 2 that were built. The HEDAN Sociable was never produced.

1983-1993 Alenax Transbar ARB 2400 

        Lever Drive

1983 Huffy Aerowind Phase One (ladies 12 Speed) 

          26" tires, original condition

1984 Huffy Aerowind Phase One (men's 12 Speed) (Picture)

          26" tires, original condition

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